Why solar thermal

why solar thermal



This way of energy is usually more than the cost of a conventional gas or electric system. Today’s solar heating systems are cost competitive when you consider your total energy costs over the entire life of the system. Your monthly gas or electricity bills will usually be lower and more predictable for as long as you own the house. Also, solar heating systems will insulate you from rising fossil fuel costs and protect you from fuel-price inflation over time. Investing in a solar thermal system could also increase the resale value of your home. Often, the entire initial cost of the system can be recovered when you sell your property. In addition, you will be earning an annual 6% to 25% tax-free rate-of-return on your investment, depending on how much hot water you use and how much energy you save. Another important reason to invest in solar systems may be less tangible. When you purchase a solar heating system, you support technologies that are good for the environment. You are making a conscious, responsible decision to help reduce harmful emissions from fossil fuels, while maintaining your quality of life.Depending on the type of conventional fuel used, replacing an electric water heater with a solar heater can offset the equivalent of 40% to 100% of the carbon dioxide emissions of a modern passenger car. Carbon dioxide traps heat in our atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect, which alters our planet’s climate and ecological systems. Using solar energy in place of nonrenewable fuels may also reduce nitrous oxides and sulfur dioxides, which are components of smog. Simply in a word you are god guy and everybody wants to be god guy!





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