Solar energy history

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Solar history
silicon solar cells



Many ancient civilizations believe the sun as the cause of life on the Earth. The ancient Egyptians worshipped their sun god Ra. In the late 15th century Leonardo Da Vinci already conceived of an industrial use of solar power by employing concave mirrors to heat water.


3rd Century B.C. Romans and Greeks use burning mirrors to light torches for religious purposes.


2nd Century B.C. As early as 212 BC, the Greek scientist, Archimedes, used the reflective properties of bronze shields to focus sunlight and to set fire to wooden ships from the Roman Empire which were besieging Syracuse.


20 A.D. Chinese document use of burning mirrors to light torches for religious purposes.


1st to 4th Century A.D. The famous Roman bathhouses in the first to fourth centuries A.D. had large south facing windows to let in the sun’s warmth.


6th Century A.D. Sunrooms on houses and public buildings were so common that the Justinian Code initiated “sun rights” to ensure individual access to the sun.


1200s A.D. Ancestors of Pueblo people called Anasazi in North America live in south-facing cliff dwellings that capture the winter sun.


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