Silicon solar cells

silicon solar cells
Silicon solar - PV
silicon solar cells

Silicon solar cells are heart of photovoltaic PV solar panels. In those small pieces of silicon happens magic of photovoltaic effect and moving photons and electrons between plus and minus and production so desperately needed electricity. Typically solar panels consists of about 30 – 50 solar cells putted together into one solar panel. There are today many brand name companies that develop different types of solar cells. You can find many of solar cells descriptions like amorphous, thin film, flexible… But what is important for us is that every new generation of solar cells have better efficiency, stability and capture more and more of the solar spectrum and convert more sunlight into electricity. Next important fact is that prices go down and many countries in the world give financial support for new renewable energy users to encourage them to be green, powerful and responsible. You can also (if you prefer do it yourself concept) find and buy different types of solar cells on the market and build your own solar panel for dissent money. There are also many books that describe building your own solar system with detailed descriptions.

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