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Photovoltaic panels 

silicon solar cells  

Photovoltaic panels - PV are the best way to use solar energy converting it to direct electricity power. Sun energy is everywhere around us. Non renewable energy is dirty, expensive, and on the end of resources. We must use old energy to make transition to new alternative renewable energies.

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Solar panels, we also call photovoltaic, convert sunlight into electricity. PV converting light (photons) to electricity (voltage), which we call the photovoltaic effect – short PV. The PV effect was discovered in 1954, when scientists at Bell Telephone discovered that silicon created an electric charge when exposed to sunlight. After that first PV cells were being used to smaller items like watches and calculators and power space satellites. Today, millions of people power their businesses and homes with solar energy. Many companies are also using PV technology for range scale of power plants. Solar panels used to power businesses, homes and are typically made from silicon solar cells connected into modules - about 40 cells together. A typical house will use about 10 to 20 solar panels to use solar energy. The panels are mounted (mostly on roofs) at a fixed angle facing south, or PV panels can be mounted on a moving device that follows the sun, using them to capture the most sunlight. Many solar panels are combined together to create solar farm or plant. For large electric utility or industrial applications, thousand of solar panels are interconnected to form a large utility-scale PV system.



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silicon solar cells